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What if you could offer the best Plant Protein in the market?

You can offer the best-tasting plant protein on the market.

Taste is the number one factor in determining whether your plant protein will be a hit in the market. If your product tastes great, your customers will come to love your brand, and you can build a strong business around that experience. We make one of the most popular brands of plant protein on the market, and our consumer taste tests with other major brands prove that our brand is the best tasting plant protein. You’ll be able to use our brand experience in developing great-tasting plant proteins that make customers fall in love with your brand.

You can feature the smoothest and best-blending plant protein.

You want your customers to shake, drink, and love your product; so it’s very important that your product blends easily and smoothly, and has a great texture and mouth feel. Your customers should feel that your products are smooth and
light, and aren’t too heavy, thick, or gritty. We’ve solved these problems in our brand, and we’ll be able to solve them for you too. You can offer the smoothest, lightest plant proteins available.

You will have every possible option in the protein global supply chain.

You need every possible option when you’re choosing how to you build your products. You’ll need to understand how the many plant protein sources will affect your products. Key characteristics like taste, solubility, texture, protein concentration, batch-to-batch consistency, and supply are very different depending on the type of protein, and the manufacturer that makes it. We’ve
literally travelled the world to visit, first hand, the companies that make the leading protein materials. We’ve also invested a tremendous amount of time and resources into understanding how each of those sources affect a finished protein products, and so we can offer you vital experience and help you choose the ideal protein ingredients for your products.

You can make perfect proteins with the help of the most experienced R&D team in the industry.

A lack of technical knowledge, experience and creativity can limit your options when you’re attempting to build the perfect protein product. Not only should your team know the chemical and physical characteristics of each protein ingredient, but they should be able to understand how they might interact, so that you can choose the right one for your application. Our team has produced one of the most popular plant proteins on the market, so they know plant proteins. They have a strong technical understanding and they’re creative. We’ve supported them by allocating significant physical and human resources to solve the most challenging problems in protein research and development.

You will have dedicated flavor specialists to help build your flavor system.

You’ll need an experienced team to help you create great-tasting proteins. You’ll need to help understanding; which flavor type would be perfect for your product (i.e. Chocolate vs Berry), which flavor companies excel at making the flavor types
(i.e. Company A makes excellent Vanilla Cream flavors), and which specific flavor ingredients will produce the best flavor for your formula and protein sources (i.e. the Cocoa Caramel Cream flavor system from Company B is an excellent match for your pea and flax protein shake). You’ll also need help in understanding which sweeteners match well with your protein sources, and when to use masking ingredients to reduce unwanted flavors. Our team of flavor system specialists have tremendous experience with each of these steps and, mostly importantly, can balance all of the factors to build you great-tasting plant proteins.

You can leverage our brand for your protein products.

You could work with a manufacturer that attempts to develop a plant protein product as a one-off project. But they probably haven’t dedicated significant resources and personnel to the protein category, and have little practical experience with the many complex problems that must be solved along the way. We’ve developed and manufacture one of the top selling brands of plant proteins on the market. And you’ll be able to leverage our experience, systems and capabilities so you can operate like a large protein company, but with a much lower investment.

Since we are a large-scale manufacturer of plant proteins we’ve worked with global partners to build a secure supply chain. And our painstaking work means that you will not need to invest significant time and resources on those issues, and can focus on revenue-generating parts of your business.

We also understand both the retail and the distribution aspects of the protein market. And you will be able to lean on our deep experience of the plant protein market to get a lay of the field and find ways to differentiate your products.

You can choose from the broadest range of specialized ingredients for your meal replacement products.

The meal replacement market is hot, and you may want to capitalize on the trend by introducing products that have very unique characteristics. Consumers want carbohydrates with very low glycemic indexes, unique essential fatty acids, and
proteins that are hypoallergenic, easily digestible, vegan, and taste great.

You’ll be able to get their attention with specialized low-glycemic carbohydrate sources like ModCarb; emerging essential fatty acid sources with highly nutritious EFA profiles; and, of course, the world’s leading protein ingredients.

You’ll finally have low-carb choices from plant sources.

Protein customers seek out products with very few carbs, but are usually disappointed by plant proteins, because plant proteins often contain less protein than animal protein ingredients. But we’ve worked very hard cultivate protein sources from around the world that are low in carbs, so you can offer high-protein products even in the plant protein category.

You will not worry about inconsistencies in flavors, nutrients or quality.

Flavor can be one of the most variable aspects of a protein product. It can fade over time, flavor ingredients can interact poorly with other ingredients, and many flavor ingredients are inconsistent from batch to batch. We’ve confronted these challenges in developing our brand of plant protein and our R&D team has found lasting solutions for us. And they will do the same for you.

There are other factors that affect product consistency and quality, such as, variations in protein, fat and carbohydrate content, unwanted impurities, and poor quality control in manufacturing. These can be caused by many factors along the way from the field to the finished product. Our Quality Control team has identified the causes of each of these issues and set up procedures to prevent them. They use analytical testing, ingredient identification testing, and critical control procedures, among other methods, to ensure that you will not worry about the quality of your products.

You will have the best partner to help you go from a concept to the shelf.

You need a very competent and experienced team to guide you through the many challenges you’ll face in getting your idea to market, and no other company has all of the pieces in place to get you there. We make the best-tasting plant protein on the market. We know flavors, and our flavor technologists will help you create he best-tasting proteins. We’ve travelled the world and know the entire protein supply chain. We’ve brought back the best ingredients to help you build your protein products, including some of the most unique proteins available.

Finally, you will have real ingredient choices. Our R&D team is one of the most experienced teams in the industry, and can meet any of the challenges that arise in the development of your protein products. We’ll be the best partner you could have, so let’s get started on your products.