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What If You Could Offer the Most Effective Probiotics on the Market?

It can be very frustrating, you can spend a lot of time and money developing a probiotic and then it loses potency and effectiveness well before its expiration date. And then you discover that there are many problems; the probiotic strains
aren’t robust, the manufacturing process doesn’t preserve the potency, the packaging doesn’t protect the strains, and the formula did not solve your customer’s problem.

But what if your products were developed with the most stable probiotic strains, and the manufacturing process was excellent at preserving your products? What if your development team had the knowledge to design your perfect formula and the right solution for your customers? And what if you didn’t need to worry about whether your probiotics meet their label claim at the end of their expiration date?

You can offer the world’s most stable probiotic strains.

You can offer highly-stable probiotic strains that have been developed through decades of intensive scientific research. Each strain has been exposed to a series of harsh environments, and by surviving, have developed heat, moisture, pressure, acidity, alkalinity, and antibiotic resistance. Resistance to acidity, alkalinity and antibiotics are critical in ensuring that probiotics actually survive long enough in the body to fulfill their purpose. This kind of multiple resistance is unparalleled in the marketplace. And there’s an added bonus, the strains are also allergen free.

Your probiotics will be protected by extremely low moisture levels throughout the manufacturing process.

The strains are cryogenically-preserved and contain very little moisture, and we keep them that way by carefully controlling the manufacturing environment with a state-of-the-art climate control system, in-process testing of water activity and
moisture and strict SOPs to control the entire ecosystem. These steps ensure that relative humidity and moisture are kept to a minimum, and are among the lowest in the industry.

Your products will be protected by highly specialized low moisture materials.

Our highly-experienced R&D team searched the globe to find industry-leading, low-moisture excipients and capsules, and these materials help to limit the amount of moisture trapped in the final packaging. The moisture level in the package is also controlled by a molecular sieve during its time on the shelf.  Refrigeration is a key in maintaining the stability of your products. !
We have built a large and highly-controlled refrigeration system to isolate and store probiotic raw materials, excipients, and finished pills to help control both the moisture and temperature during the entire manufacturing process. This
significantly extends the shelf stability of your probiotic products.

You will have the #1 product development team in the industry to help you create your probiotics.

Manufacturing your probiotics requires a great deal of experience, and our R&D team and on-staff microbiologists have developed a keen understanding of the critical elements that make a real difference in the manufacturing process. They
know how to balance multiple strains to make a probiotic that’s effective for your purposes. They know how the use of non-probiotic raw materials can affect a product’s stability. They have worked with our Quality Assurance team to develop
processes and use materials that help ensure the viability of probiotic products. They also understand how to use the perfect additional potency to ensure the potency of your probiotic to the end of its expiration date. There are very few
companies that have developed the kind of expertise that our team can offer you.

Your products will be made in the industry’s newest facility that was purpose-built to manufacture probiotics.

We made a significant investment in building a facility that would be the best possible environment for manufacturing probiotics. Two of the most important capital investments were in our state-of-the-art climate control system and our industrial refrigeration system. When taken together, they help create one of the best controlled manufacturing environments in the industry.